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Services Provided

This project features a very customized WordPress website. Doug, the owner of dem411, wanted an artistic approach using a dark theme. The most advanced parts of the website are the photo gallery section and the custom audio player. The entire content is easily manageable from the back-end.

Client testimonial

HomeI was very satisfied with the quality of the work, both in terms of design and back-end coding/implementation. I learned a lot along the way, and Lucian seemed to enjoy learning about me, my web content and my extensive design directions.
Lucian was quick to understand and prepare himself for the specific site design needs I had. His skill set was on display from the beginning, he had no need to act like a salesman with a marketing pitch (the work speaks for itself), and his recommendations were very specific and realistic (which I require). His approach was very direct, instructional and well-mannered. His general working temperament was that of someone who has an extraordinary desire to create world-class sites (in my opinion a web designer absolutely MUST have that energy and enthusiasm or the project suffers). To the extent that he was able to “dial in” my content and extensive design needs, Lucian exhibited optimal clarity and focus on my vision…I could tell he has done this before, and you too will sense the high level of experience in his day-to-day processes.

Technologies Used

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