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Lucian Florian

WordPress Development and Web Design in Charlotte NC

It’s not just a website

It has a job to do. It’s a salesperson…or a store…or a story…or all of the above. Whatever that website’s job, I’ll make it happen. I’ll make that website work for you.

I’m Lucian Florian, a Web Designer and WordPress Developer with a real zeal for building websites that generate results. I provide custom WordPress Development, SEO and Web Design in Charlotte NC and for clients across USA. A website should have (and do!) a job, whether it’s a subscription site, a site selling products, or a brochure site to interest investors. Because at some point, in some way, that website has to make you money!

And making websites make money is something I understand very well.

FLDtrace Web Design
and WordPress Development Testimonials

Five Star Rating on Codeable!
FLDtrace Web Design and Development Rating:
5 out of 5 with 160 ratings
  • FLDtrace was a great find for us. They are efficient, timely, and have been able to handle every challenge we have come up with so far. We hired Lucian to do CMS development of the front and back end of our site. He has worked with us for over two years and we continue to use him. He also consults for us on hosting, security, UX design, and speed optimization. We are very pleased with his work and would recommend working with FLDtrace for great service that is always on time.

  • Bryan Kuester
    Bryan Kuester CEO Kuester Management Group - Kuester

    I have had a terrific experience working with FLDtrace Web! Lucian and his team are very dependable, knowledgeable and efficient. No matter the issue, large or small, they always exceed expectations.

  • Mari Harsan
    Mari Harsan Photographer/Owner - Mari Harsan Studios

    We are extremely happy with the outcome of our new site and the working relationship with Lucian. We would recommend him to anyone who want's to invest in their future business and actually get their $ worth.

  • Nathan Bailey
    Nathan Bailey Designer/Owner - Evil Twin Brother

    Lucian is a skilled and reliable developer! I’ve worked with Lucian with great success over the last couple years across several projects...The quality of work is great, and Lucian is good about suggesting new ways we can use development techniques to help give maximum value to our clients. I can count on Lucian to respond quickly and knowledgeably.

  • Robert-Mooers
    Robert Mooers President Whole Product Marketing / Project Manager - TCI Precision

    High quality of work, timeliness and value-add recommendations are a few descriptors I would use to explain our experience with Lucian and FLDtrace. With their expertise in WordPress and custom Web programming languages, they are very versatile.

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