If Your Website Doesn’t Make Money, Make Us Your SEO Partner

We specialize in helping service-based businesses drive traffic through effective SEO and websites that work. We help increase SEO and revenue for the following businesses but not limited to:

  • Service-Based Companies
  • B2B Services Firms
  • SAAS
  • Plumbers
  • HOA Management Companies
  • Educational Businesses

Easy To Reach

When you have a question, you’ll get a same-day response.

Transparent and Trustworthy

We will share exactly what goes into your SEO campaign.

Your SEO Partner

We build long-term relationships with our clients, and we are invested in their success.

Kuester Team Call

KUESTER Team Member on a call

It doesn’t matter if you’re ranked #1 if no one stays on your website.

Most SEO agencies fail to realize their job goes beyond getting a website ranked.

That website must also engage the people who land there. At FLDTRACE, our background in web design and development means we know how to make that happen. We do the SEO to get your website ranked and we do the work to make your website drive more qualified leads.

You can trust FLDTRACE.

And here’s another big differentiator: We operate in total transparency.

Choose FLDTRACE as your boutique SEO agency and you’ll always know what we’re up to…which means peace of mind for you. You can focus on your business. We’ll focus on helping it grow through SEO. No babysitting required.


Team Collaboration

Carter's My Plumber Technician

Carter’s My Plumber technician driving to a job

We want to help your company grow.

When we take on a new SEO client, we want to be part of their team.

Our best clients are those we’ve worked with for years. We’ve built a long-term relationship and we thoroughly understand their business needs as a result.

That’s the kind of partnership we’d like with you too.

Lucian Florian


Founder and SEO Strategist

We Serve the Underserved

Most small businesses struggle to find a reliable SEO partner who can rank them on the top results. That’s why we do what we do at FLDTRACE. We’ve met many frustrated business owners who have wasted money on SEO firms that didn’t deliver on their promises. We know you work hard for every dollar and any money you spend on SEO should be money well spent. We will make it so.

Amanda C

Amanda E. Clark

Content Creation

Dika Fei

Dika Fei

Certified WordPress Developer

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