I must make a confession. I love building websites for my clients. What I don’t love is doing all that extra paperwork that comes along with it. I know most of other freelancers/agencies don’t either.

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My freelancing story

Working for myself as a Web Design freelancer is one of the most rewarding thing in my life especially I’m getting to work on some cool projects. Read on so you can find out more about my story, experience and some useful resources.

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Most of web designers and developers, I know or heard of, are building websites using a MAC PC or laptop.

While it is nothing wrong with that, I am firm adept of Windows platform, though there are advantages or disadvantages of each operating system.

Is true that MACS are sexier, much easier to work with, plus can save time and headaches to developer, but in the end, we build websites for our clients. That’s why their needs should be our focus.

Here are few reasons, why web developers should use Windows OS when we build websites:

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