Project Hours

In order to provide a more accurate estimate, I need to know how much time I’ll spend on a potential project. First I try to estimate the time that a project takes, multiply it with my hourly rate, add padding for unforeseen changes, and then charge a fixed price. This method has worked well for me thus far, as most clients like to know what they’re going to pay in the beginning.

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Website Checklist

There are few points to consider before launching a website to avoid SEO penalties and create a consistent experience for visitors using different browsers.

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Great blog resources

In a fast paced industry such as web design / development, it is really important keeping yourself updated with best practices and techniques.
Here is a list of resources I read daily and I recommend:

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During my development career, I got to work with various hosting providers, but mainly I worked the most with Bluehost and Godaddy. I would like now to share my opinion based on my experience with them.

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