2013 Accomplishments

In 2013 I developed skills such as building responsive websites and working with parallax animation effects.
I also managed to keep updated with Web Design and SEO best practices by reading many specialty blogs. Learning is an important part of my business so I can better advise my clients.

Featured projects I have completed in 2013

Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

Layton Brothers: Mystery Room implements responsive design and it was a real pleasure to work on it. The design was provided by Evil Twin Brother studio. It took me ~55hours to build it and implement the content with the translations. With a tight deadline, I remember at some point I worked 11 hours straight on this project!

Ignite Partnership

Ignite Partnership required parallax animations which gave me the opportunity to take my front-end coding skills to a whole new level! If you go to the clients section you will notice some cool motions. It took me ~60hours to build everything.


2014 New Year Resolutions

Now that I have completed most of last year’s resolutions it’s time to set the goals for 2014:

If you have any feedback please feel free to drop me a line. I love getting emails!