Fancybox is one of the most popular plugin used for creating modal windows and now the version 2 has even more options.
You can display everything you can imagine in Fancybox pop-ups, from regular text and creating photo images to videos, contact forms, iframes and Ajax calls. It loads fast and it never let me down.

Download and Demo


Flexslider is my favorite jQuery slideshow plugin and currently is probably the best around. The great part is that is responsive so you can easily use it in a fluid website, loads fast and it is very flexible in what it can achieve. I used before Nivo Slider however I found some limitations and I had to hack it to achieve some easy tasks such as using HTML captions in a WordPress loop, issues that I haven’t found in Flexlider architecture.
Flexslider also supports videos which a super cool feature and can be used as a carousel. You should start using it right now in your projects!

Download and Demo

ScrollTo + LocalScroll

ScrollTo and its extension LocalScroll will allow adding scrolling effects to your website and is the perfect combination for creating one page websites with a smooth scrolling.

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Tipsy is a simple and easy to install jQuery plugin that changes the tooltip design and gives you more tooltip customization options. It is a great touch you can add for a great looking professional website.

Download and Demo

Your turn to share!

If you know other cool jQuery plugins feel free to share below.