In the following article I describe few major points that will have your website reach your goals.

Content strategy

content-strategy Before you even get to design stage, first you need to consider your main business goals: do you want users to buy your product, create an account or do you simply want them to get in touch or sign up to your newsletter?
Identifying the primary objective will help in creating customized content for achieving the desired results. Jumping straight to design stage without tailored content will result in an ineffective website.

Simple and flat design

flat-designAt this moment flat design has became the norm when building websites. The advantage of flat design is that is simple and less distracting, with a focus on content which results in increased conversions.
Build your website with simplicity in mind so your users can better focus on what you have to offer.

Responsive Web Design (RWD)

rwdRWD provides an optimized viewing experience on different screen sizes from small to large such as mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktop etc.
Did you know that Google algorithm favors responsive websites better than fixed layout or “mobile websites”? That means that un-optimized websites get small penalization in search results. Use RWD to get an edge over the competition and provide better experience for your users.

Speed Optimization

speed performanceDid you know that 57% of users will abandon a site after waiting three seconds for the
page to load? The ideal loading speed for a fast website is less then 1 second which is he limit for uninterrupted flow of thought. The one second loading speed can be achieved with the right approach:


Creating a website that sells your product or services takes a good amount of effort to build but in the end it will help you achieve your goals.