How to get started with an affordable ecommerce website

ffordable ecommerce website

Install WordPress

In case you haven’t heard of WordPress yet then you should know that millions of people are using it for managing content on their websites. It’s an easy to use CMS that has a ton of features and most important is free!

Assuming you already have a hosting provider, you can go into your cpanel where you can find a third party tool installer then select WordPress and follow the provided steps. If you run into any troubles call your hosting provider and they should be able to guide you.

Purchase a premium eCommerce theme

Go to any WordPress theme website and look for a design you like. You can always find great WordPress themes here. Normally you can get an outstanding theme for under $55.

In the next step upload and install the theme from your WordPress website back-end.

Add content and products

Each premium theme provides detailed documentation where you don’t even need any technical knowledge for customizing everything yourself. If you want to add major design changes then you can call a professional.

Advantages of predesigned themes

  • Super affordable
  • They have a ton of features ranging from responsive design to user reviews functionality
  • You don’t have to go through the long process of building a custom website

Disadvantages of predesigned themes

  • Hundreds or thousands more people are using the same design you have. If you want to stand out then at least invest in a custom background or go the custom website route.
  • The theme may be too generic with a lot of extra functionality you don’t need or is hard to find a design that fully represents your brand.
  • if you’re new to working with WordPress then it can be overwhelming to put everything together especially some themes have their own way of working


Predesigned WordPress themes can get you started quickly and affordable however as you grow your store then you can get a professional website that offers more functionality and a design that better represent your business.

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