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Services Provided

I have helped Mari Harsan Studio with a new responsive website optimized for mobiles, easy to navigate and most importantly helps them get more customers.

I have implemented a solution that increases lead generation by using a simple interface and call to actions that stand out.

They needed an easy to update the website, blog and photo gallery themselves which was accomplished with WordPress.

The overall project was an success. In less than one month their website already registers an average user visit length of 3minutes 42seconds. An engaged audience is more likely to convert into customers or business referrals. You can read the full case study here.

Client testimonial

Mari HarsanAt the beginning we had an idea on how we wanted the site to look, but we never thought about all these other things like functionality, SEO, clients perspective, and so many other little things that matter so much in the grand scheme. Lucian was there to softly guide us and explain why some certain things might not work anymore and why we would be better of another way. In the end our new site looks different then what we initially wanted, but we are extremely happy with the final outcome. … and more so, we are excited to have the site “work” for us in the future. – Mari Harsan

Technologies Used

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