Download BBpress Front Page Plugin

You can download the version 1.0 of the plugin here.
As you may know, the current version of BBpress does not include the WordPress nice functions of formatting text but this release also includes a WYSIWYG editor so you can format the text using headings, paragraphs, etc.


Unzip the the file and add within your bb-plugins folder than go in the bb-admin control panel and activate the plugin.
The Front Page Text tab should appear after the Settings tab. Go inside and add the desired text.
The only thing left to do is to call that text, within your front-page.php in your active theme folder by using the tag:

The plug-in is built in mind for home page, but you can add the tag anywhere in your template files, for example the registration page.


The plug-in has been tested with the BBpress 0.9 and 1.02 versions and it is built to work with further BBpress releases, unless some radical modifications are added on the way.


The plug-in is free to use and modify. Enjoy!
Let me know if you have any feedback.

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  1. This would be a very awesome plugin if the following error didn’t happen: “There is no administration page at the requested address. Please check the address you entered and try again.”
    I’m running 1.0.3. Anyway to update the script?

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