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Find out more about the process used in creating a wedding photography website and how it increased customer inquires. The advice used in this article is valid for other types of websites.

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Slideshows or carousels can be one of the coolest elements on a web page. They are used for promoting important content from the rest of the website, however are they effective?

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For certain business a newsletter email blast is a great marketing tool. Gathering a list of qualified subscribers can be a difficult task however displaying a sign-up newsletter form on your website is one of the best methods. Read more to find out more about the common practices and advantages / disadvantages of each one.

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This article is not only meant for print/graphic designers but for the others web designers as well.

Although, I am web designer myself, I found working with a few clients, who already had the website design ready and need to slice into (X)HTML/CSS, which part I love and cannot complain about. These types of designs usually are provided by in house graphic designer, other graphic design freelancer or a web design company.

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