WordPress Theme Development

WordPress Custom Fields and Custom Field Template

WordPress is a free open source publishing platform. It is easy to use by clients and flexible, however to unleash its true power we need to install few more plugins. The most flexible and stable plugin for managing Custom Fields is called Custom Field Template and it can be found here.

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Display Latest Post Outside of WordPress with JSON and jQuery

Pull the latest blog post from WordPress with JSON and jQuery, which works great on any static HTML page, PHP page or any CMS / Ecommerce platform you can imagine.

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Wordpress 3.0 added very useful and cool new functionalities. One of the most popular is ability to create custom post types, so we are not limited only to pages and posts.
In following article I will explain why custom post types are easier to use, how you can register and call in your theme the custom post types and how you can customize their back-end custom overview columns.

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