Carter’s My Plumber

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The Client

Carter’s My Plumber is a family-owned plumbing contractor. The Carters are three generations working together to service the Greater Indianapolis area. With over 100 years of experience between them, plumbing isn’t just their job, it’s their legacy.

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The Challenge

The old website was not performing well. The client needed to increase their SEO traffic in addition to converting more of that traffic into customers. The competition is fierce in this industry and they also needed to stand out from the competition.

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The Solution

After an initial discovery phase, we conducted user research to better understand their audience. Next, we did SEO keyword research and helped optimize the site content around the focus keywords. During the design phase, we used proven techniques for improving the user experience and increasing the conversion rate. We built all the pages using an easy-to-use WordPress page builder so the client can adjust the content as needed.

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The Results

The new site generated immediate results. Using ongoing SEO and optimization work, the company has increased its revenue by 25% in the first year. They currently rank on the first search results page for various locations and search phrases.

What Our Customers
Say About Us

5 out of 5 with 350 ratings

Lisa Carter

Very thorough with research and planning. Very organized in approach to get the best website layout, and call to action. Lucian’s goal is to develop a results driven website. He is very responsive, and has a quick turn around for development. He has a creative eye that compliments the research he does to develop a site. I highly recommend Lucian, and I am very pleased with the results of our new design.

Lisa Carter, Owner at Carter’s My Plumber