During my development career, I got to work with various hosting providers, but mainly I worked the most with Bluehost and Godaddy. I would like now to share my opinion based on my experience with them.

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When you order custom post types or regular posts by title, WordPress sees them as alphabetical characters and treat them accordingly, but when we want to have a top 10 list, the number 10 will follow 1.

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Wordpress 3.0 added very useful and cool new functionalities. One of the most popular is ability to create custom post types, so we are not limited only to pages and posts.
In following article I will explain why custom post types are easier to use, how you can register and call in your theme the custom post types and how you can customize their back-end custom overview columns.

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If you already have experience in building navigation for websites, probably you already know that using floats for links gives you more flexibility for customization.

However, the down-side is that when the design requires, we cannot center the navigation automatically as you add more links. Of course, we can specify margin: auto for the ul element, but than, we need to assign the width, which is very inconvenient when, for example, we need to add an extra link and we need to adjust the ul width again.

In next posting, you will see that the solution is easy and you will find other situations where you can apply the same technique.

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Maybe you have noticed that majority of the drop-down menus on the web, are aligned to the left of their containing parent. Using Jquery, we will position the dropdown in the middle of the parent, dynamically centered, no matter how long the parent’s link width gets. Since the dropdowns are positioned absolutely, the CSS margin: auto won’t help in our case.

Using this method, we can have an interesting design, with an arrow pointing up or you can come up with other design ideas. Also, for users without Javascript enabled in their browsers, the navigation will degrade gracefully and the positioning will be to the left of the parent.

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In the following article, I will explain a method to make it easy for you or for your clients, to float multiple images left, in Wordpress.

The method is useful if you want to float images left, on sections such as team bio, where the member will have his/her image left and a bio text aside right.

The alternative, dirty way to do it, would be using tables, but the code is bulky, harder to maintain, page loads slower and definitely not the easiest way to do it. Read on for the good method.

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A website speed performance depends mainly on the quality of the CSS and markup code behind it. (JavaScript as well but this part will not be covered in this post.)

The websites with a clean code are also easier to maintain, saving time to the developer and money to the client, that’s why I find extremely important to write the (X)HTML and CSS efficiently.

While there are more website layouts types: fixed-width, fluid (liquid), elastic, hybrid, it is important to choose the layout which suits best for the website target audience.

The most popular is fixed-width layout, which allows to take the design and preserve the appearance to the pixel, that’s why me and most coders out there choose it.

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Have you ever tried in Wordpress, to list only the sub pages of the current parent page and hide the sub pages of the other parent pages?

I had few people asking me how I realized toggling the subpage navigation links in following website.

If you notice, the other parent sub pages are hidden. If you go instead on other subpage, it will hide the others and show up the sub-pages of the current page.

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If / else statements are programming language logic and is something that will help us create better Wordpress custom themes.

A client of mine, wanted to improve his Wordpress site and decided he wants to display different sidebar information depending on the page or section the visitor is.

For example, he wanted to have blog related links as: latest posts, categories and tags, being displayed only on blog section (blog index, categories view, single post view etc). On products/services page and its sub-pages, he decided he wants to have displayed the sub-pages of that section and other interesting links. The rest of the pages, should have only the interesting links section or generic information.

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Most of web designers and developers, I know or heard of, are building websites using a MAC PC or laptop.

While it is nothing wrong with that, I am firm adept of Windows platform, though there are advantages or disadvantages of each operating system.

Is true that MACS are sexier, much easier to work with, plus can save time and headaches to developer, but in the end, we build websites for our clients. That’s why their needs should be our focus.

Here are few reasons, why web developers should use Windows OS when we build websites:

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